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Home Built Lapidary Equipment

home built lapidary equipment

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Scottish Mineral & Lapidary Club membership badge, 1960’s

Scottish Mineral & Lapidary Club membership badge, 1960’s

A fine enamel badge produced for the Scottish Mineral & Lapidary Club. Only one batch of these were made (early 1970’s) and sold to raise club funds, mainly to it's members. The badges would also have been used as presentation gifts to visiting club members and to visiting lapidary club members from abroad.

The original club logo shown here depicts a cut and polished slab of Scottish agate with two crossed tools below. The tools are a geologist’s rock hammer and a dop-stick. The dop-stick is used to hold the stone while it’s is being ground/polished. Around 2003, The logo on the badge was redesigned to that currently in use.

The club is based in Edinburgh and was founded in 1958, making it the longest running lapidary club in the UK. Membership is around 100 and the club promotes a wide range of interests beyond lapidary and minerals that include Scottish geology, associated crafts and gems. They are also a practical hobby club, organising lapidary and jewellery workshops.

The badge is made from die-stamped brass with five enamels (cream, blue, red, orange & yellow). It has a pin clasp on the reverse with the maker’s name Emslie of Edinburgh. It’s a fine quality badge and must have been technically difficult to produce due to the precision enamelling. The badge measures 1 1/16” high x 13/16” across (about 27mm x 20mm).

Thank you for reading.

Red Tailed Bumble Bee (Bombus lapidaries)

Red Tailed Bumble Bee (Bombus lapidaries)

A Red Tailed Bumble Bee (Bombus lapidaries) This one is a Male, identified by the Yellow band on its head. ( the Females are all black, apart from the Red tail.)

home built lapidary equipment

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